Every year as the days get shorter, there comes a time when you pack up the shorts, T-shirts, swim trunks, and sandals and start prepping for the winter months. But did you know that your wardrobe isn’t the only thing that needs a change-up once the weather gets cooler? Your whole grooming routine needs a refresh, too. Well, the more you know.

Sure, there are everyday considerations to take into account, like moisturizing your face and protecting your hair, but even more important is how you smell. While it’s great to have a signature fragrance, it’s also no fun to wear the same damn cologne every day until you die—as they say, variety is the spice of life. Plus, it’s always nice to keep them guessing, and by them, we mean the people close enough to smell you. 

It turns out that the changing of the seasons is a perfect time to rethink what it is you're putting on as your finishing touch, whether it be by dabbing on the wrist or the good ol' spritz-and-walk (we prefer the latter, but you do you). While, traditionally, the warmer months lend themselves to scents that lean more heavily on fruity and floral notes—things with a lighter, crisper quality (think rose, lavender, grass, moss)—the winter months are readymade for richer, fuller notes. Think of things that have a heft and presence, things like musks and woodsy aromas, things which have classically been thought of as more masculine. Lucky for you, from big name brands with household recognition to smaller indie fragrance companies, there are plenty of scents out there with just the right amount of robust redolence to tide you over for the wintertime months and make a statement that isn't overbearing.

Here are a few of the best winter colognes out there, for daily use or special occasions alike. And, spoiler alert: You can wear them year-round if it suits you, too. We like someone who breaks the rules.