Conflict Of Interest Has People Buzzing With Street-Smart Versions Of Designer Tees

Tumblr stars, get ready.

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Streetwear and high-fashion are directly referencing each other more than ever these days, and the crew at C.O.I. (Conflict of Interest) took their design talents, along with some clever word play, and produced some of the sickest tees we've seen in a long time. Part of C.O.I.'s mission statement is to "Operate in secret to you can stunt in public," so don't expect to see them teaming up with the brands they are paying homage to. However, what you can expect is for the streets to burn when these release. 

The three T-shirts; "Giraunchy," "Bodega Vendetta," and "Ballinciaga" will be available this Friday at 12 p.m. EST for $60 each at the C.O.I. webshop

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