Tom Ford Calls Out Zara for Copying Designs

Does he have a gripe?

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It's called fast-fashion for a reason: not only do you wear through price-pointed garments ultra quick, but the retailers of this said "style" base a lot of their business off recreating clothes fresh off the runway.

While this business practice is great for consumers who want to look cool, but can't shell out high-end prices, there are some people who hate it—designers. The latest designer to air his opinion on the copy-and-paste design game is Tom Ford. Ford told WWD, "if I’m lucky and I did the right thing, they will be at Zara way before I can get them in the store and I don’t like that,” in regards to his latest collection.

Do high-end designers have a right to be mad at the copy of their designs? Or is imitation still the highest form of flattery?

[via WWD]

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