This Native American Fashion Designer Looks to Defy Stereotypes Within the Industry

Her brand goes "Beyond Buckskin."

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Native American motifs are almost inescapable in today's style world. Many fashion brands are inspired by the colorful prints, the use of indigenous leathers, beaded items, and moccasins, but it would be presumptuous to assume that everyone of Native American descent still dress in this manner.

However, there are a handful of Native American fashion designers out to prove that the indegenous peoples' style choices are as diverse as everyone elses. In fact, a blog, that launched in 2009 entitled Beyond Buckskin, is out to prove that Native American folk can have unexpected style. Also, the website has served as a whistle-blower for fashion designers who look to exploit Native American culture to seem hip or edgy. 

Now, the blog has turned into a full fashion line designed by creator, Jessica Metcalfe, a North Dakota native. The Turtle Mountain Chippewa takes cues from her Native American ancestry, and creates new designs that are modern to the 21st century.

To find out more of what Metcalfe is involved in, read this complete profile that CNN conducted on the fashion designer.

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