Rick Owens Opens the Doors to His Paris Home

You've never seen a house like this.

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Rick Owens is best known for his futuristic, high-end goth clothes and being one of A$AP Rocky's favorite designers, but the designer's personal life might be a little bit of mystery. However, Owens opened up the doors of his Paris home to The Wall Street Journal and showed what an American Gothic in Paris really looks like.

Owens' home looks like something out of a medieval film, where steel and pain are made. But his home wasn't always that way. In fact, the designer's Paris abode was actually a deserted office building before. "The building was empty for 20 years before we got it in 2004. It was hideous: office cubicles, insulation tiles, a real rat warren. I think it was too daunting for most people to take on—not too many people would do it the way we did," Owens told the publication.

But while showing WSJ his home, Owens managed to drop some jewels, too: "Clothes are supposed to be about experience—the damage, the patina, accepting it and enjoying it, making it part of life. We all get impatient when things are too prim," Owens professed.

That sounds like advice we've been kicking around forever, but it's refreshing to hear it from one of the world's most interesting designers.

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[via WSJ]

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