J.W. Anderson Takes Versus Versace Back to the '80s With His First Collection

The designer is given his first chance to wow the brand.

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Last year's fashion carousel saw Nicolas Ghesquière leave Balenciaga and Alexander Wang take over his post, just as Christopher Kane ultimately parted ways with Versus. Instead of naming a successor, Donatella Versace found a new way to keep the youth-oriented brand firmly planted in the world of spunky, young fashion labels: a series of capsule collections with relevant, up-and-coming designers. For its first foray, Versace tapped another British talent, J.W. Anderson, who took over the design duties for Versus' first capsule collection. 

The resulting garments are bold and defiant, and perfectly line up with the rock and roll aesthetic Versus is known for, while taking cues from Versace's '80s luxury feel. This isn't an H&M collection. These pieces are for those who want to get seriously fly, and don't mind rocking a monochrome or singular-printed outfit. Should you expect your favorite rapper to rock this gear in the upcoming months? It's a strong possibility, especially if French Montana is a top your list.

[via Highsnobiety]

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