John Galliano Might Return to Fashion As a Costume Designer

Not the reappearance we all expected.


Is John Galliano's return to fashion almost here? Maybe. The designer is rumored to be in the run to designe costume's for a London rendition of Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest, Daily Mailreports.

Galliano, who has since come forward to the public since he was banished from the fashion industry for anti-Semitic remarks, would design costumes for the play directed by Stephen Fry, who you've probably seen as the British dude who travels around the U.S. on PBS.

This role would be fitting for Galliano, who often dresses in a costume-like appearance himself. Even going out in Hassidic garments earlier this year, which caused a firestorm in itself.

This isn't the return we all expected for the former Dior Creative Director, but maybe something low-key like this production is exactly what Galliano needs.

[via Daily Mail]

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