The past few months have wielded a John Galliano circus. Amongst the rumors, speculation, and finally hearing what was on the designer's mind since his anti-Semitic comments in 2010, there hadn't been a moment like the interview the designer gave to Charlie Rose on his PBS show last evening.

Galliano, who dressed regularly and was clean-shaven, appeared to be nervous as he recalled his gaff that he attributes to being blackout drunk. "I was in a blackout; I've since discovered that one is a blackout drinker, what happens is that it can release paranoia of such a stage that it can trigger frustrations from childhood," Galliano told Rose. "Having had quite a tough time in school, and being subjected, persecuted, bullied, called all sorts of names, as children do, and living a lie, really, because I was gay but I couldn't admit that at home, honestly I couldn't escape."

And Galliano believes his anti-Semitic speech was brought on by researching a collection based on the look and life of a notorious anti-Semite. "Around the time of that event, I was heavily researching for my John Galliano menswear collection, which was inspired by the life of Rudolph Nureyev, who was an anti-Semite," Galliano said. "When I research, I really go into it. Where does she live? Does she read by candlelight or gaslight, the color of her hair dye, the scent on her breath —  is it gin? — the powder of her makeup; it helps me to create."

As per usual, Rose played hardball with Galliano. Not that he wanted to embarass him or get into a yelling match, but he wanted an honest discussion of what happened in Galliano's life; to better give the viewer a look into the life of addiction and the human condition—all in the hope that we could learn from this situation.

Click here to watch the complete hour-long interview, it's well worth your time.

[via The Cut]