James Harden Wouldn't Shave His Burly Beard, Even for $80K (Video)

Will we ever see him look less like a lumberjack?

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Beard season is almost here, and before you know it, your favorite menswear bloggers will attempt to grow out their struggle beards for No-Shave November. But guys like James Harden don't see having a beard as a one-month thing. Harden has rocked some sort of facial hair going back to his days as an Arizona State Sun Devil, and his beard has a personality of its own these days. The folks at TMZ had a chance to ask the Houston Rockets guard how much it would cost for him to shave it all off. Here's what transpired:

"How much would it take to cut the beard off, would you do it for charity?" a reporter asked Harden

So if you want to see Harden as a clean-shaven dude, it's going to take more than 80 racks. No word on how much it cost for him to shave off his mohawk.

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[via TMZ]

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