Diddy Claims Bed-Wetting Helped Develop His Swagger (Video)

Weird, we know. But if it works for Diddy...

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To be a stylish individual it takes more than great clothes (although it helps). You need carry yourself in a manner that exudes confidence. We like to call this, swagger. Not to be confused with swag: swagger is something that Diddy displays, on a regular basis. How did he come about this swagger? By wetting the bed. Seriously. The mogul recently was on Ellen with Mark Wahlberg to promote AQUAhydrate, and explained how he first developed his swagger.

"One thing I want to say is, I grew up as a Kool-Aid kid. I used to pour a half a pound of sugar into the Kool-Aid. Besides it having me bouncing off the walls, I used to be a bed wetter." Diddy said.

Still, where is this oddball story leading? Check how this situation helped Diddy develop his swagger, “Yes, I'm confessing that I used to be a bed wetter. So, I went on this quest to stop wetting the bed, and the first day that I had a sleepover and I didn't wet the bed, it was, like, one of the greatest days of my life. It gave me the swagger that I have today because I stopped wetting the bed." Diddy concluded.

We're not saying you should start wetting the bed if you don't have any swagger, but if it works for Diddy....

[via The YBF]

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