Move Over Menswear Dog; Cats in Neckties Are Real

Yes, you read that right.

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Anthropomorphism has taken over #menswear. From the Ikea Monkey to Menswear Dog, animals have started to get as crispy as their owners. Until now, we haven't seen felines get in on the well-dressed act—however, that's changing.

Neckties for cats is something that exists. While the deadliest house pets haven't received the shirt and jacket treatment a la Menswear Dog, Jezebel has unearthed a handful of images that prove cat owners are interested in their pets' appearance, too.

There are even Etsy shops dedicated to outfitting cats in the "finest" neckwear—tons of them. So, if you feel the need for your cat to attempt to out-style you, you know where to look—you know, besides Menswear Cat Bloggers.

[via jezebel]

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