Late last year into early this year animals decided to quit horsing around and decided to dress better than us. The standout in this animal style movement was the emergence of the Menswear Dog tumblr. The dapper Shiba Inu was shown dressed in denim jackets, blazers, button-downs, and sweaters, wearing them better than some gentlemen these days And while struggle models try to attract modeling agencies through tumblr to get a contract, this rare breed of looks and style just landed a gig.

In anticipation of the upcoming PROJECT NYC tradeshow, The Tie Bar has recruited this canine to show off the latest goods that will be available. You won’t find a leash on this dog, only the finest handmade ties, bow ties, and pocket squares. Who knows what’s next for the dog, all we know is the modeling gigs are just pouring in. Check out the images above.

[via GQ]