Casely-Hayford Is Bringing the Hockey Sweater Back to Hip-Hop

Rugged high fashion.

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It's no mistake that hip-hop and hockey have connected once again. Although hockey, as a sport, doesn't draw too many similarities to hip-hop, there's a ruggedess shared in each culture, and when combined, they perfectly complement each other.

Casely-Hayfordlooks to the winter sport for inspiration for its fall/winter 2013 collection, as it deconstructs hockey sweaters down to their simplest foundations and implements them within the high-fashion world. It's like the sweater you're forced to wear ever holiday, but not at all. You've seen the likes of A$AP Rocky and Frank Ocean wear hockey sweaters recently, and if you want to take it back, Buckshot from Black Moon wore an awesome Pittsburgh Penguins sweater in the "I Got Cha Opin (Remix)" video. So if you doubted, hockey is more hip-hop than you ever knew.

But from streetwear to street style, the brand's collection just doesn't stop at garments inspired by athletics, there's also outerwear that plays with proportion and is made from neoprene. It will keep you warm, but stand apart from its wool contemporaries. 

Trust us, if you wear these clothes, you'll be the guy who gets his photo snapped walking down the street, not because you'll strictly standout, it will be from the details that differentiate you from the next future Tumblr star.

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