BWGH and CLOT Have the Most Incredible Collection You Haven't Seen


Every so often, a collaboration comes around and flies under the radar until you notice and respond, “holy hell!” The clothes are great and the concept is executed to a T—and it managed to escape Internet hype. Usually, these collections are reserved to brands we haven’t discovered yet. But what if I was from two heavyweights in the streetwear scene?

BWGH and CLOT managed to come together for the best button-up shirts of the season, and even throw an elbow-patched sweatshirt into the mix for an added cozy layering factor. The two brands put together their expertise and added details such as Native American-themed patterns around the shirt pockets and hem. The details may appear inconsequential, but are added with a precision and intent that is rarely delivered within the menswear world—especially at a sub-$200 price range.

Right now, the complete collection is available via CLOT’s e-commerce site, Juice. So get your cop on, you’ll become the most discretely well-dressed dude you know.

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