Jen Stark and Misaki Kawai Create Psychedelic Painted Teepees for Art Basel Miami Beach

Two artists have installed useable teepee tents at the Mondrian South Beach.

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For a new installation at the Mondrian South Beach, artists Jen Stark and Misaki Kawai painted large, canvas teepees surrounding the hotel's pool. The installation is part of "Pool Party," a series of artist-designed sculptures curated by the art collective FriendsWithYou and the gallery Grey Area. Last year, FriendsWithYou filled the Mondrian's pool with large iridescent blow-up shapes for a project called Somewhere Over the Rainbow. 


For 2014, Kawai and Stark's teepees make the pool feel like a Burning Man oasis. At night, illuminated by light from within, the glowing tents reflect on the surface of the water, making the trippy sculptures actually feel like a psychedelic dream. Kawai, who is a Japanese artist, painted her tent with black figures that almost look like primitive hieroglyphs done my comedian cavemen. Her Saturn shape is emblazoned with the word "HOME."


Stark, who is from Miami, often works in colored paper to create geometric, rainbow shapes. Her teepee pulls from this vibrant color palette; it's covered in squiggly lines that remind you of the florescent coal populating the waters of Miami.

Stark was hanging out in her teepee when we got a chance to ask her about the project. "A lot of my work is based of organic and psychedelic shapes, based of shapes in nature and a little bit of math involved too. For this, I wanted to do all of my crazy, psychedelic mish-mash, which kind of ties into the whole peyote ceremony," she said. Stark also explained her process: "I pretty much just took a pencil and started sketching. I had an idea in my head. Then I marked the colors and had some assistants help with painting in the lines."

She then obliged us by posing for a photo on the rugs in her tent:

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