ABCs of Invention: Alphabet Pays Tribute to the Greatest Inventors of All Time

A beautifully designed typeface celebrates Archimedes to Zworykin.

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We've seen typefaces that celebrate architects and cities, but Khyati Trehan's alphabet takes the ABCs of homage to a new level. Her project, called "The Beauty of Scientific Diagrams," celebrates some of the greatest inventions of mankind. From Archimedes to Zworykin, her hand-lettered alphabet is a lesson in scientific history.

"Since making the perfect match between the letter and the diagram was such a task, choosing the invention or the discovery was hardly up to me but dependent on what I could find (double coincidence of wants)" Trehan, an art student based in Delhi, told Juxtapoz. "I couldn't find appropriate diagrams that looked like the letters they needed to be morphed into for P, X and Q."

Even if her alphabet isn't a full 26 letters, it's still an impressive feat of design.

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