Riccardo Tisci Talks Working with Kanye West and Jay-Z on "Watch The Throne" in the Latest Issue of Vogue

Find out how the collaboration went down.

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In the March issue of Vogue the magazine profiles Riccardo Tisci, fashion designer and creative director of Givenchy. As you might remember, he worked heavily with Kanye West and Jay-Z on "Watch The Throne," designing the album and single covers, as well as custom t-shirts for the official tour. The article, entitled "Tisci Time," highlights his relationships with the rap superstars, amongst various other people.

On working with Kanye and Jay-Z on "Watch The Throne":

“Tisci’s passion for music has taken him around the world. His strong connection to the worlds of rap and R&B led his friends Kanye West and Jay-Z to enlist his services as art director for their collaborative album, Watch The Throne.

Check out the photos from the shoot above. 


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