Karl Lagerfeld's Paris Apartment is Incredible

Nothing like you've seen before.

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Karl Lagerfeld says the darnest things. His quotes will make you laugh, angry, and even raise an eyebrow or two (sometimes all three at the same time). So, it's hard not to wonder what goes on in his mind, or what kind of a life he lives. Granted we may never really understand, here's something that may give you more insight: Lagerfeld opened up his apartment in Paris to Architectural Digest. You know what they say, a person's home says a lot about him.

The designer wrote in his editor's letter in the May issue of the Architectural Digests, which he guest-edited, that he decorates his home similar to the way he approaches his wardrobe and his work at Chanel. "We are at the heart of a Russian doll: first the clothes, then the apartments and houses. Even the streets and the cities are part of the evolution of our preferences and our taste."

Lagerfeld's pad in the Quai Voltaire in the City of Light may be in a 1820s building, but the interior is not the least bit outdated. He says his apartment is not a house, it's a "spaceship for the city where you don't feel bound by the earth." Classic Lagerfeld.

Surprisingly though, there isn't a huge portrait of his beloved cat, Choupette.

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