We Tumblforya: When You Work at a Museum

Museum workers got 99 problems, and you can read about them here.

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Everyone has expectations for a new job, but once you get to the workplace, things don't always turn out quite like you had hoped. The same goes for museum employees. Soon-to-be-hires probably thought, “This will be fun. All I’ll really have to do is direct people to the restrooms and the gift shop, and the rest of the time, I can look at art.”

But, apparently, they couldn’t have been more wrong.

Museum employees have taken to blogging about their work woes in an awesomely creative and culturally relevant fashion. The Tumblr When You Work at a Museum provides a look into the world of museum employees and the problems and issues associated with their line of work. Some are easily relatable (food is an excellent motivator, plagiarizing Wikipedia is frowned upon) while others are uniquely museum-centric problems (it’s so annoying when people request European Renaissance art be added to a museum of contemporary American art).

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[via WhenYouWorkAtAMuseum]

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