Invader Strikes Again in Paris With Sonic the Hedgehog and Peter Pan

A well-known street artist continues his takedown of Paris.

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Following a brief run-in with some of New York's finest, street artist Invader is back at work in the sleepy streets of Paris. Working mostly under the cover of darkness, Invader has been putting up new tile mosaics around the city. His latest include Sonic the Hedgehog and Peter Pan.

Most recently, Invader staged a takeover in New York, decking out the streets with his signature 8-bit works. During that time, the street artist screened a video of his Miami invasion called ART4SPACE where he appeared masked like Guy Fawkes. He kept putting up new pieces in the city until he was arrested by the NYPD. Now Invader is back on his home turf with new works. 

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[via Street Art News]

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