Winona Ryder Is a Sexy Dark Vixen for Interview Magazine by Craig McDean

Black is a good look on her.

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Winona Ryder stars in a fan-freaking-tastic cover spread for Interview magazine. In the spread, the actress looks stunning in the macabre spread with an emphasis on scarlet and black. British photographer Craig McDeancaptures Ryder looking alluring without being raunchy. It's definitely a stand-out because of the drama created with a strong use of black. The subtle lighting is also spot on. 

Her actual interview is also interesting. In the magazine she discusses the industry and making movies in the digital age: "I mean, this is what I miss: being an actress, you'd hear that a movie is being made with Al Pacino or Robert De Niro or one of those guys, and then you'd wait a year and then you'd wait on line at the theater. You wouldn't know anything. You'd maybe know the tagline, or maybe you'd get some inside information from friends, but you really didn't know. I don't really understand how it works now with the Internet, but it seems like how can you keep anything a secret?"

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