Photographer Nick Knight Creates Killer Illustrations of Kanye West for W Magazine

See the stunning images.

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A new interview with Kanye West from W Magazine was recently unveiled. The piece, entitled "Kanye West: The Transformer," was accompanied with wonderful images made by British photographer Nick Knight. He's well-known in the fashion world, with his resume filled with names like Alexander McQueen, Audi, Calvin Klein, Christian Dior, Vogue, and we could go on. In terms of fame, he's the Kanye West of photography. 

As you can see below, the illustrations fuse abstract images to form some stunning conceptual art of Kanye. It is also worth noting that the images feature elements similar to the first leaked version of the cover of Yeezus that looked like a melted Jesus piece. But this isn't the first time Knight has presented Kanye West images; he shot the rapper for his New York Times interview and his controversial L'Officiel Hommes cover with Kim Kardashian

Knight has also collaborated with other famous musicians in the past. The famed photographer, who currently serves as director of art/fashion hub, also helped Lady Gaga create visuals for her album and tour supporting "Born This Way." She once said of an art video she created last minute with Knight that he wanted to push herself harder than she ever did before: "So naturally he wanted me to puke on myself and eat a bovine heart and do all sorts of other things."

Image by Nick Knight

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