Premium Co. Joins Forces With John Geiger on a Series of Neck-Snapping Flannels

Premium Co. teams up with John Geiger on a three-piece flannel collection.

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Premium Co. first got on our radar with its luxe interpretation of cozy basics. And now, the D.C. brand is expanding its offerings with a limited edition flannel collaboration with sneakerhead legend John Geiger.

Dropping next week, the three-piece range presents a unique take on the traditional flannel—utilizing dope fabrics, choice colors, and off-beat designs. Two of the shirts feature a pattern that is slanted at 45 degrees, as well as pockets and cuffs that have a vertical flow as opposed to the typical horizontal. The third flannel is made up of three different prints with reflexive panel placement, which provides a nice balance to keep the piece from looking too busy.

"The best thing we can do is make something amazing, whether it follows the rules or not,” the Premium’s owners wrote in a press release. “We want to make something you’re going to love, something surprising, even if it doesn’t fit into what makes sense.”

Check out the designs in the lookbook below, shot by the brand’s co-founder Davin Gentry. The collaboration, which is limited to about 100 pieces total, will be available at Premium’s pop-up shop from Jan. 21-23 at 500 Penn St. NE, Washington, D.C. A second round of flannels will be available at Premium's online store Jan. 29.

You can learn more about the pop-up event on the flyer below. 


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