The Menswear Dog Has Been Nominated for "Dog of the Year"

See if the Menswear Dog will take home the big prize during the World Dog Awards tonight.

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Let’s give it up to Bodhi the Menswear Dog for nabbing a “Dog of the Year” nomination at the 2016 World Dog Awards. Yes, that’s an actual thing.

The second annual event, which airs tonight, aims to honor various canines that have reached fame in entertainment and social media, as well as those that have had a huge impact on people’s lives. Bodhi’s notoriety in the fashion industry, as well as his growing Instagram fanbase, is what put him in the running for the main title; however, he does have some stiff competition. He’ll be going against a golden retriever who supports a wounded warrior, and a setter-spaniel mix who watched over trapped puppy for a week.

You can see which dog comes out on top during the CW broadcast at 8 p.m. EST tonight. And don’t feel too bad if Bodhi doesn’t walk away with a win; the dog makes more money than you probably ever will.  


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