The Internet Is Going in on Donald Trump's Slogan Hat

Donald Trump's "Make America Great Again" hat has resulted in a lot of memes.

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UPDATE:According to E! Online, the "Make America Great Again" hat is being sold for $25 exclusively at Trump Tower; however, beginning next month, the rest of the country will have access to this now-famous hat when it drops at Stay tuned for a specific release date.

Earlier today, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump made a stop in Laredo, Texas, located on the U.S.-Mexico border. The intention of his visit was to address the issues of border security as well as immigration; however, it wasn’t these key topics that had everyone talking. Nope. It was his choice of headgear.

Though known for his iconic comb over, Trump decided to cover up his mystifying hairdo with something equally as funny: a crisp white baseball cap that read “Make America Great Again.” And, of course, the Internet went in.

According to ABC News, the slogan was trademarked by Trump as a part of his 2016 election campaign; however, it’s clear that his decision to rock the piece has backfired. Countless of tweets have been sent out knocking this simple, custom-made hat. It has inspired everything from the obvious toupee jokes to hilarious Photoshopped memes. You can check out some choice reactions below.

As of now, the “Make America Great Again” hat is not up for sale on Trump’s campaign site; but, we’re sure it won’t be long before people start rocking it strictly for the irony.


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