The Yeezy Season 1 Line at Barneys NY Was Insane

People spent a lot of time and money to cop the Yeezy Season 1 collection today.

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Despite widespread complaints about its extremely high price points, the Yeezy Season 1 collection didn’t have any trouble attracting customers.

The Daily Mail witnessed this first-hand when it decided to hit up Barneys NY for the collection’s official release today. Once reporter Daniel Bates arrived, he was greeted with a long line of fans, some of whom had waited up to five hours to spend thousands of dollars on the Kanye West range.  

“I plan to spend about $2,000,” a 15-year-old named of Jack told the Daily Mail. “I'm mostly after the [Yeezy 950] boots. If Kanye blesses something then it sells out. These clothes are a blessing to me.”

A very expensive blessing, to say the least.

About 14 police officers and security guards watched over the crowd of people, most of whom received a wristband the night before in order to secure their place in line this morning.

“This was not a luxury clothing experience,” Adam Zeldin, 28, told the publication. “They did not sort the line, they did not even bring us water.”

Though the scene and wait were not ideal, many insisted it was well “worth it”—even if it meant being late for work and seeing their bank accounts take a $4,000 dip.

“Most upscale designers like Roberto Cavalli aren't cheap,” 26-year-old Sean Scott told the Daily Mail. “It's just the price you have to pay.”


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