This New Collection Will Change the Way You Rock the Apple Watch

Bucardo introduces the Pendulum Collection, which will transform your Apple Watch into a pocket watch or necklace pendant.

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Remember when Tom Ford transformed his Apple Watch into an Apple pocket watch? That shit was next level, right?

Well it looks like you, too, have the chance to inject some old-school style into your wearable tech device, thanks to Bucardo’s new “Pendulum Collection.”

Currently a Kickstarter campaign, the new line offers patent-pending technology that allows people to wear the Apple Watch off their wrist. The two pocket watch designs will transform the 42mm iteration into a classic accessory, complete with a detachable chain. Each design is hand-polished and features either 14 karat gold plating, 18 karat gold plating, or sterling silver. All you have to do is remove the device’s bands, and slide in the Bucardo accessory, which is held in place by the Apple Watch latch mechanism.

Now you might be saying to yourself: “If you’re going to put your Apple Watch in your pocket, you just might as well use your iPhone.” But it’s called style, people. Sometimes practicality is put on the back burner when you have the urge to flex.

You can take a look at the pocket watch accessory in the image above. The “Pendulum Collection” also offers a pendant design for the 38mm Apple Watch that allows you to rock the device around your neck.

To learn more about the offerings and to contribute to the campaign, go the Bucardo’s crowd-funding site here. Shipping is expected to take place in early December. 


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