These Two Models May Have Thrown Shade at Kendall Jenner on Instagram

Is Kendall Jenner getting bullied by fellow models Binx Walton and Lexi Boling?

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Kendall Jenner’s status as the current “it” model has no doubt attracted a gang of haters within the past few months.

Last year, we heard reports about the 19-year-old being possibly bullied by fellow models who claim her success was not earned and was merely a result of her family’s well-known name. Transgender model Arisce Wanzer even penned an open letter criticizing Kendall insisting she didn’t work as hard as her contemporaries and didn’t deserve to be on the catwalk. And we can’t forget about the models who allegedly put out their cigarettes in Kendall’s drink during NYFW.

But despite all the reports of hate, Kendall insisted her modeling experience has been great and felt nothing but support from her co-workers. However, a recent photo of Kendall posted on Vogue Germany’s Instagram account is leading us to believe otherwise.

In the picture shown below, Kendall is sitting backstage at the Donna Karan runway show getting her hair and makeup done. Not long after it went up, people began to comment on the post saying it wasn’t the most flattering image of Kendall. Rising models Binx Walton and Lexi Boling also put in their 2 cents with comments that seemed fairly catty.

Lexi replied with “never looked better,” which was punctuated by the crying-from-laughing emoji. Soon after, Binx replied with “that's fucked up," which also featured the crying the emojis that we all know imply shade. According to, both models have attempted to delete the evidence.

All we can say is: Let the haters hate, Kendall.


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