A New Study Suggests Guys Who Post A Lot of Selfies Might Be "Psychopaths"

The study looked at the selfie habits of over 800 men.

Image via Yahoo

Selfies are, for better or worse, a trend that isn’t going away. People are going to extreme lengths to get their perfect shot, from getting plastic surgery to using ridiculous contraptions like this hat or even a selfie-stick especially for your butt. Now a recent study suggests that there might be something more sinister at play when it comes to the phenomenon—people who post lots of selfies score higher on measures of narcissism and psychopathy.

Researcher Jesse Fox from Ohio State University conducted a study that focused on selfie taking, editing, and posting habits of the modern American male. While the sample size of over 800 men is a good starting point, Fox emphasized that the results don't mean that men who post a lot of selfies are absolutely narcissists or psychopaths. The men in the study all scored within the normal range of behavior but with higher than average levels of those particular anti-social traits, so it will take more research to determine just how strong the correlation is. 

While this particular study only looked at men, Fox has said she wants to look at women next. 

[via Jezebel]

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