Supreme Is Finally Trying to Trademark Its Box Logo

The plot thickens.

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By now you're well aware of the legal battleSupreme is embroiled in with Leah McSweeney and her brand Married to the Mob. Earlier, it was a little unclear as to what rights Supreme has to the name and the box logo, which in itself is inspired by artist Barbara Kruger, who has since addressed the entirety of the situation as a "A Ridiculous Clusterfuck of Totally Uncool Jokers." The Internet followed suit with a bunch of witty opportunistic, ready-made apparel lampooning (capitalizing off of?) Kruger's crucial comeback.

Today Animal New York brings news that a trademark for Supreme's box logo has officially been filed as of March 6, 2013. This is important because McSweeney allegedly filed for the "Supreme Bitch" trademark in January. However, it must also be noted that Supreme already has a trademark for the name "Supreme," despite founder James Jebbia saying that the broad, ambiguous nature of the mark makes it difficult to trademark.

Some quick research turned up this trademark for "Supreme" in September 2011, which was "published for opposition" on March 20, 2012, meaning anyone who felt their own intellectual property would be threatened by the trademark had 30 days to speak up. Well, it's been a lot longer than that, so we'd assume Supreme well, owns "Supreme." It's been reported that the skate brand has also filed their counter-claim to McSweeney's suit today, and we think the situation is about to get a lot messier.

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[via Animal New York]

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