10 Style Tips You Can Learn From 'Saved by the Bell'

It's all right, 'cause you're dressed by the bell.

saved by the bell style lead

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saved by the bell style lead

This feature was originally published on June 4, 2013.

Do you ever wake up in the morning, hear the alarm give out a warning, and you don't think you'll ever make it on time? Maybe by the time you've grabbed your books and gave yourself a look, you scramble on the corner and see the bus fly by. We all know what that's like—and so do the students of Bayside High.

The kids we all watched on television may have all grown up a long time ago, but that doesn't mean there aren't some style cues we can still learn from them. So even if the teacher pops a test, at least you won't look like a mess. It's all right, because here are 10 style tips you can learn from Saved By the Bell.

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10. Patterned T-shirts are rad.

9. Don't be afraid of sweatsuits.

8. Backwards snapbacks make you look like a cool dude.

7. You can put patterns on patterns and look awesome.

6. Let your hair get wavy.

5. Acid wash can look trippy, mayne.

4. Give everyone your number.

3. Sun's out? GUNS OUT.

2. Drop some stylish bombs with your outerwear.

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The bomber jacket is a piece of outerwear that combines a surplus feel with a modern silhouette. Made up of fabrics like nylon, it's ideal for spring and early summer—plus you can rock it during those initial breezy days of fall. Designers like Raf Simons and Robert Geller have championed the bomber jacket in multiple collections, while labels like A.P.C. and streetwear brands like Undefeated also feature it in seasonal drops too. Whether you go with a modern reinterpretation or vintage standard-issue version, you can't go wrong.

1. You have the rest of your life to look old and boring.

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