VLone Dropped Its Debut Collection, Meaning A$AP Bari Just Began the Campaign to Take Over

"Live vlone, die vlone."

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Coinciding with the release of A$AP Rocky's "Riot Rave," the debut collection of VLonejust dropped. The gear comes from the mind of A$AP Bari, one of the co-founders of the A$AP Mob, and if you've been paying attention to Bari's moves then you know that this drop is a long time coming and is going to garner a serious amount of attention. While the collection is only a few hoodies and T-shirts (for now), the gear is indicative of a larger vision that comes to life in the "Riot Rave" video and a long film on the VLone site that brings the spooky vibes and taps into a larger swelling of youth/outcast/weirdo/reject culture that can be tangibly felt if you know how and where to put your ear to the ground.

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