Jay Z and Miguel's Recent Fail Memes Come to Life on Polos by Joseph Evans

It's the Internet IRL.

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Celebrity fail memes are the gift that just keep on giving. As if we didn't already get mad chuckles out of people poking fun of Jay Z weirdly jumping in a pool, Miguel executing a crazy Hogan leg-drop on an audience member at the Billboard Music Awards, and, of course, Drakerocking head-to-toe Dada, we can now rock these fails with pride. Joseph Evans has followed up his first "YOLO Polo" shirt with two more offerings that depict Jay Z and Miguel at the moment their respective fails became Internet gold.

Each shirt costs $25, and has the texture and fit of an actual three-button polo shirt, meaning you can wear this to Thanksgiving dinner and see which one of your uncles is secretly cool. With three options available here, you can pick and choose from whichever fail made you laugh the hardest. 

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