Versace Blows Golden Opportunity By Not Outfitting Real Madrid With Golden Medusa Print Suits

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I'm pretty ambivalent when it comes to soccer, but when Versace, fohawks and dudes who can't tie a tie end up in the same place, ya boy is with it. You see, Versace recently announced that their suits will serve as the official Real Madrid travel uniforms this season, which sounds incredibly promising given the certifiably insane style tendencies of both Versace and soccer stars. This should be a match made in so-gauche-you-wanna-applaud-but-can't-because-you're-throwing-up heaven, right? Wrong. In reality, these suits are pretty tame and thus wildly disappointing. This would have been the perfect opportunity for Versace to showcase some of their more aggressive tailoring options and they completely fucking blew it. Like, Real Madrid clearly has a contract with Versace so the players would be contractually obligated to wear the shit no matter what. I think that's how it works. Versace, dawgs, you do realize how many gold suits with all over print Medusa heads you would sell if Cristiano Ronaldo draped his herculean-like frame in one before ever away game? It's not too late. Or is it? Honestly, I'm not even sure when soccer season even starts.

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