Kim Kardashian Roasted for Y2K-Inspired Balenciaga Outfit: 'Is This a Joke?'

Kardashian's multi-layered Balenciaga ensemble put her on the 'Worst Dressed' list of some of her Instagram followers.

Lionel Hahn / Getty Images

Kim Kardashian lost some fashion cred after posting a mismatched outfit she wore during a recent Paris trip.

On Friday, the socalite and entrepreneur shared an Instagram carousel captioned "Paris Files," that began with a couple shots of Kardashian looking glam. But the post tragically ended with the SKIMS founder in arguably her worst fit yet.

In the penumalate image, Kardashian wore a heavily layered ensemble with stacked camis in lace, pink and animal print over a dark tee and long sleeved top, along with lace thigh-high stockings beneath black boots. Kardashian's pose was also less confident in comparison to the earlier two photos, making the look a miss for some of her followers.

"Is this a joke?" commented one person, while another wrote, "Kim what you doin wit all them camis."

Kardashian likely isn't sweating the hate, as she recently completed another Paris Fashion Week run, where she attended the luxury brand's Fall/Winter 2024 event earlier this month. In January, she was appointed ambassador of Balenciaga, where she'll maintain a "long-standing relationship" after collaborating with the iconic brand over the years.

Along with their planned campaigns and marketing, Kardashian and Balenciaga could be arranging an all-out Y2K fashion comeback.

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