Heron Preston and H&M's H2 Collection Has Arrived

The debut H2 collection consists of a range of women’s pieces, including a bodysuit, lace-up corset, catsuit, bike shorts, tank top, and bikini.


Out of Heron Preston and H&M comes the new collection, H2, which blends everyday style with utility.

Making its debut on Mar. 14, statement pieces in the collection have a unisex approach, including reversible bomber jackets, reversible hoodies, denim jeans, and racing-style jerseys. Also in H2 are "expressive" women's pieces, from the durability of bike shorts to the luxury of a lace-up corset. Prices in the collection range from $24.99 to $249.99.

“I believe it's a collection that can be seamlessly integrated into anyone’s existing wardrobe. The idea is to acknowledge individuality through design codes, fits, shapes, and styles that everyone around the globe can relate to. We recognise how real people adopt clothing and adapt it to their personal style,” Preston said in a press release.

He continued, “That's the power of fashion: to bring us closer, spark conversation, challenge ideas, and drive new visions for a better future."

In addition to the H2 collection, Preston also began H2 Exchange, a "circular fashion program" made "to equip new generation designers with circular mindsets and skillsets, with the aim of infusing H&M’s circular initiatives with creativity, community and learning experiences."

The partnership was announced last September and consists of the following pillars: design advisory, special collections, young talent, and circular innovation. According to Preston, he and H&M both "want to take risks" while pursuing "real change" in fashion.

Check out more shots from the collection below.

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