Ghetto Gastro Collaborate With Beats on Limited Edition Studio3 Headphones

Bronx culinary collective Ghetto Gastro is joining forces with Beats by Dre to deliver their own limited-edition Studio3 Headphones, available starting Friday.


Image via Publicist


Bronx culinary crew Ghetto Gastro has teamed up with Beats by Dre to deliver their own limited edition headphones that combine the flavor and style of both brands.

The limited-edition Studio3 Wireless headphones come in a black and bone colorway with Ghetto Gastro’s name imprinted on the headband like a shadow. Along with the fresh new product, Beats and Ghetto Gastro are also donating to two non-profits, Sweet Freedom Farm and Herban Cura. When talking about the collab, Gastro co-founder Jon Gray explained how it felt natural from the start.

“We’ve been rocking with the Beats by Dre family for a long time so this project feels like a family meal,” he said. “We’ve created vibes together in Paris and Hong Kong so it’s only right that we brought it home for this.”

In an interview with Complex, Gray also described how the group approaches collaborations and what the goals are when bringing their brand to others.

“The goal is bringing the world to the Bronx and the Bronx to the world through different types of experiences around food. So when we started, we initially thought: ‘Oh, we’re gonna create content and do a cool website.’ And we took it to a production company that we knew and they didn’t think the name would work,” Gray explained. “So we told them we’re not changing the name just because y’all are not fucking with it—that’s how I knew this was gonna work. We then started doing events for brands to build up capital, so we could do our own thing.”

The new Ghetto Gastro Studio3 Wireless Beats headphones will be available Friday, Aug. 27, at for $349.95. Check out some images below.


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