Here's Everything the Internet Thinks Kanye West's Yeezy Season 2 Looks Like

Yeezy Season 2's influences include Jedis and Hobos...if you're asking the internet.

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Today, Kanye West showcased the Yeezy Season 2 collection at NYFW. With movie theaters and live streams screening the presentation worldwide, almost everyone in the world was able to see West's latest foray into the world of fashion design. While the collection was nothing short of extremely hyped, much like Yeezy Season 1, social media had plenty tof critiques for West's military-inspired second collection. 

With a sandy brown as a major color in Yeezy Season 2, most were comparing the collection to something straight out of Star Wars—especially the Tusken Raiders of Tattooine, and the series Jedi Order.


Is Kanye about to outfit an army of Tusken Raiders?
kanye about to have you niggas thinkin' ya'll fly running around lookin' like tusken raiders & shit.
Yeezy season 2 is lowkey straight outta Star Wars
How come Kanye west yeezy season 2 clothes look like some Star Wars jedis???
Why does Yeezy season 2 look like a Star Wars cast?


Of course, like his first Yeezy Season collection, several people thought West pulled his pieces off the backs of the city's homeless population.


#YeezySeason2 found growing in the wild
Get your yeezy season 2 socks today #YeezySeason2
Homeless folks or Kanye models?


Ye's military inspirations weren't lost on spectators either.


😂😂😂😂😂 @Sentletse: Boko Haram modelling some of Kanye’s latest designs #YeezySeason2
@KiCKS0L0GY As a military Vet....go to a Base thrift store, buy used fatigues, wash 100x with 99cent detergent = YEEZY SEASON 2


Apparently the only good thing about the show were the models themselves.


The only good thing to come from #YeezySeason2 #WeHeartBooty


As for the opinion of Ye's daughter North West? Well, it looks like the jury's still out on her review.


Guy to North West: "Do you like Daddy's line?" North West: 😑 #YeezySeason2


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