All the Things You Love to Wear Are in Stussy's Fall 2015 Collection

See what streetwear OGs are dropping for Fall 2015

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Continuing off of Stussy's Japanese-inspired Fall 2015 campaign, the streetwear OGs have dropped their Fall 2015 lookbook, incorporating much of the gear highlighted in the brand's initial campaign imagery. 

Whether you're an OG yourself, or you're just filling out your wardrobe, there's plenty to see for fall, with several rugby shirts, hoodies, a techy anorak, a few coaches jackets, and a military-inspired parka representing smart additions for the autumn season. We're not necessarily saying you could fill out your entire "back-to-school" wardrobe with Stussy gear...but we're also not not saying that either.

It's nice to see that—despite the brand's extensive history—they can still go toe-to-toe with titans like Supreme when it comes to delivering pieces we want season after season.

Take a look at the entire collection below, and head over to Stussy to shop the drops as pieces from the Fall '15 release trickle into the webstore.



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