Stòffa Produces Some of the Best Suede and Fur Products We've Ever Seen

La Stòffa's made-to-measure outerwear and trousers are so good, you have to see them in person.

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Stòffa isn't your ordinary outfitter. The New York-based brand, headed up by Agyesh Madan, strives to provide (according to its mission statement) "Beautiful product — designed thoughtfully, produced responsibly and presented graciously." Considering that the brand's name roughly translates to "fabric" or "cloth" in Italian, it shouldn't be surprising that La Stòffa is all about buttery Italian suedes (not to mention a string of other equally luxe textiles).

Madan cut his teeth working at storied Italian clothier Isaia, learning the ins and outs of luxury production. He took that knowledge with him into his latest venture, starting with a line of hats, ties, and scarves. While the brand has initially established it's cult appeal on the back of its accessories, the recent addition of made-to-order outerwear and trousers are a reminder that this is a name that needs to be on your radar.

The hats, offered in beaver or rabbit fur felt, are built to "withstand the rigors of modern day life," utilizing unique processes to allow the hats to not just maintain their shape—but age gracefully.



Outerwear comes in the form of either the biker-style Asymmetrical Jacket, the Flight Jacket, or the Field Jacket. All three originate in Campagna, Italy, and are available in vegetable-tanned lamb skin, cotton twill, or buttery lamb suede. Even more important, each jacket is handmade-to-measure. The trousers come either flat-front or pleated, and are created in 100% cotton twill. Like the jackets, these pieces are also exclusively made-to-measure.



If you're looking to get yourself measured up for some of La Stòffa's goods, we recommend you hit up one of its trunk show appearances. While not always common, the brand's next trunk show starts tomorrow, Sept. 3, over at C'H'C'M' in NYC. Considering trunk shows are not just a chance to get fitted for product, but also see and interact with the brand's offerings in-person, we recommend you go regardless of whether you're buying anything or not.

To be honest, price is the only downside to the equation. While you're certainly going to get plenty of bang for your buck, the price ranges are pretty steep. Hats range from $200 to $400 depending on the fabric chosen; jackets range between $700 to $1700 depending on style and fabric; and trousers span between $250 and $300. Like the saying goes, you get what you pay for, and La Stòffa will be supplying only the best.



If none of the above interests you (which, if that's the case, are you crazy?), check out La Stòffa's scarves; hailing from the Biella region in Italy, and composed of a blend of cashmere and silk—70 percent and 30 percent respectively.

Take a look at some of La Stòffa's lookbook imagery below, and head to the brand's website to get details on fittings, specific products, and—of course—its incredible textiles.



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