Fashion Nova Is Suing 6ix9ine for $2.25 Million

More legal headaches.


Image via Getty/Michael Campanella


Stop us if you've heard this one before, Tekashi 6ix9ine has legal problems. 

TMZ reports that the rapper's newest headache in that department comes after a discount clothing retailer, Fashion Nova, drafted a lawsuit against him because he didn't promote their company. Obviously they allege that he agreed to do that, but he wasn't able to because he was locked up. 

Fashion Nova details that their company and 6ix9ine had an alleged agreement in place for him to promote their brand on his social media pages and in his music. For this he was reportedly given an advance of $225,000 in October 2018.

However, just two weeks after that transaction went through, he was arrested and imprisoned. This made him unable to fulfill his duties.

Furthermore, the company claims that 6ix9ine's testimony during his highly publicized court cases tanked any chance he had to adequately represent their brand (see: his image is no longer what it was pre-trial). 

To bolster their argument for a suit, they say that Tekashi and his people kept them in the dark about the prosecution's case against him. They further say that he agreed to give back the $225,000 he was given by them, but that that never happened. 

Now they're seeking a lot more, $2.25 million.

Tekaski's current projected release date is pegged as August 2, 2020

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