Drake Is Getting His Own Lipstick Shade at Tom Ford

Tom Ford Presents: Shades of Aubrey

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Oh boy, the jokes just write themselves for this one. Only a master of dichotomies like Drake could eviscerate a rapper with a scathing club banger like "Back to Back" and then make headlines a couple months later for...getting his own special shade of lipstick. Meek got bodied by a singing dude who has his own special edition rouge lmao.

The Drake-stick will be a part of Tom Ford's "Lips & Boys" collection, wherein each shade is "inspired by notable men" in Ford's life. Drake's shade is said to be a "deep burgundy," which sounds like the color he prefers on his women when he's in the strip club writing odes to the dancers. Surely all his favorites are due for makeup gift-bags when the collection drops on Oct. 30. Buy this and some "Hotline Bling" merch to make a perfect OVO gift bundle for your girl.

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