The 25 Funniest Fashion Moments on "Seinfeld" in GIFs

Don't take style advice from Jerry and the gang.

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Written by Frazier Tharpe (@The_SummerMan)

At this point it's a given that the sitcom about nothing known as Seinfeld is one of the best series of all time, and the reason it endures today is because it impacted just about every facet of pop culture that a TV show can, including fashion—the Puffy Shirt is in the National Museum of American History. We already gave Jerry's sneaker game due props, but beyond the man himself being a '90s style icon, many of the series' most memorable gags involved fashion, or lack thereof, of some sort. Take a trip down memory lane and click through for The 25 Funnies Fashion Moments On Seinfeld depicted with .gifs, of course.

Kramer's Eyepatch

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Kramer's Eyepatch in "The Scofflaw"

Kramer meets a badass, eyepatch wearing cop so naturally in his next scene Cosmo is rocking one himself, having decided he wants to be a badass pirate. Now if only he could get a handle on his one-eyed depth perception.

Suede Jacket

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Jerry's Suede Jacket in "The Jacket"

This is why comedians can’t have nice things. Jerry, rolling in cash from recent shows, decides to ball out on an expensive suede jacket with candy striped lining, but like a true amateur, doesn’t check the weather before he wears it out. An evening spent with Elaine’s frightening, intimidating father goes awry when Jerry tries to turn his jacket inside-out before they venture out lest it get damaged in a snowstorm, but Alton Benes isn’t fucking with the stripes and no one’s going to “walk down the street with me and my daughter dressed like that.” In the next scene, Jerry’s pricey jacket looks like a stain-tatted carpet.

#1 Dad

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Morty's #1 Dad T-shirt in "The English Patient"

Morty Seinfeld insists on rocking an under-sized #1 Dad shirt that Jerry accidentally gifts him everywhere he goes, which is the catalyst for the epically one-sided battle of wills against the elderly Mandelbaum family to decide who really is indeed, number one.


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1970s Jerry and George in "The Library"

This flashback to Jerry and George’s high school days in the early ‘70s eschews casting younger actors, opting instead for the hilarious sight of Jason Alexander in an afro and Jerry sporting a Matilda-style haircut.

George's Hat

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George's Ushanka in "The Chicken Roaster"

Elaine goes overboard with the J. Peterman spending account, and gifts George with an $8,000 Russian ushanka, which he flaunts around town and sans coat because it’s just that warm. (And also because he’s an asshole.)

The Jimmys

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Jimmy's Trainers in "The Jimmy"

The gang's douchey, third-person referring fellow health club member Jimmy develops a pair of absurdly designed sneakers designed to improve one's vertical leap, which Kramer and George fully support until they both inadvertently sabotage his shoe deal.

King George

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George as King Henry VIII in "The Gum"

Kramer asks George to wear a Henry VIII costume for his special movie premiere at a historical theater, so naturally while walking down the street they run into George's parent’s pretty neighbor who has spent most of the episode wondering if he is mentally ill.

Sue Ellen Mischke

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Sue Ellen Mischke's Bra-Top in "The Caddy"

Elaine’s chesty recurring nemesis Sue Ellen Mischke is never better than her appearance in “The Caddy” when Elaine gifts her with a bra as a subtle hint to start wearing one, and Sue Ellen takes her advice quite literally, a glorious sight that’s too much for Jerry and Kramer to handle.

George's Suit

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George's Swooshy Suit in "The Pie"

Leave it to George to obsess over buying a suit when a store's secret sale starts later in the week, only for him to finally get it after outsmarting other interested buyers and discover it chafes against his body when he walks, making a distinct, obnoxious swooshing sound with each movement.

Red Dot

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The Damaged Cashmere Sweater in "The Red Dot"

“Cheapskate” is one of George Costanza’s defining character traits and he’s true to his nature when he spots a damaged – and thus reduced – cashmere sweater while Christmas shopping for Elaine. His hopes that she won’t notice the small yet significant red dot are dashed when an eagle-eyed Kramer spots the mark just seconds after she unwraps it.

George's Velvet Suit

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George's Velvet Suit in "The Doodle"

Only George would rather take offense than take the win when his current, extremely out of his league girlfriend tells Elaine that she's indifferent towards his looks, however she reels him back in when she clarifies that she doesn't even care how he dresses day-to-day with "You could drape yourself in velvet for all I care." A dimepiece girlfriend and the license to follow through on his long-documented velvet obsession?! A rare Costanza win.

George's Toupee

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George's Toupee in "The Beard"

Can you believe it took a man as vain and self-conscious as George Costanza nearly six full seasons before he pulled the trigger on a hair piece? Of course the fact that his woman of the week rejects him once she finds out his full head of hair is really just a rug is no surprise at all.


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Jerry's Wolfman Steez in "The Muffin Tops"

The latter seasons of Seinfeld veered off the cliff of outrageous hilarity into a zany abyss, evidenced here by Jerry’s ridiculously funny wolfman reaction to his freshly shaved and thusly itchy chest.

Pimp Kramer

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Pimp Kramer in "The Wig Master"

The elements combine to transform Kramer into a pimp, thanks to J. Peterman’s exquisite walking stick, Susan’s show business friend’s dreamcoat (from a Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat production) and a replacement car in the form of a Mary Kay Cadillac Eldorado. One ill-timed, Cadillac-side argument with a hooker and Kramer’s in the bing for prostitution by episode’s end.

Jerry's Glasses

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Jerry's Glasses in "The Gum"

“The Gum,” an especially strange episode even by this show’s standards, finds Kramer keeping the gang on pins and needles to placate Lloyd Braun, lest he suffer another mental breakdown and pull out of the theater re-opening he and Kramer are orchestrating. This is all a roundabout way to put a pair of ridiculously over-sized frames on Jerry and have him stumble about because of the strong prescription (since Lloyd is under the assumption that Jerry wears glasses).

Cowboy Jerry

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Jerry's Cowboy Boots in "The Mom & Pop Store"

While George is convinced that his new LeBaron was previously owned by Jon Voight, another running gag related to the actor plays out when a shady Mom & Pop shoe repair store robs Jerry of every pair of shoes he owns save a pair of cowboy boots, leaving Seinfeld to suffer many Midnight Cowboy-esque humiliations around the city.

Sniffing Accountant

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Jerry and Kramer's Mohair Sweater in "The Sniffing Accountant"

Is Jerry’s accountant a cokehead? The gang is inclined to think so when he begins sniffing involuntarily every time he meets with them, not realizing that Jerry’s – and later Kramer’s – new mohair sweater is the real cause.

George's Coat

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George's Gore-Tex Coat in "The Dinner Party"

Costanza, ever the hypebeast, goes out of his way to remind everyone that his new, ridiculously oversized winter coat is made of Gore-Tex which makes his comeuppance at the end of the episode (he has to use it as collateral to pay a liquor store owner) all the more satisfying.

George's Sundae

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George's Clip-Ons in "The Lip Reader"

There isn’t much more room for failure for George after the cameras at the US Open catch him practically making out with an ice cream sundae, but the swagless clip-on shades are the icing on the struggle-cake.


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The 'Elaine-nequin' in "The Pie"

The sight gags are endless when Kramer tells the gang about a clothing boutique’s window mannequin that looks exactly like Elaine. Cue the antagonistic store clerk arranging the Elaine-equin in increasingly sexual and sado-masochistic positions, while George can’t help but get a little hot and bothered.

George's Photoshoot

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George's Photoshoot in "The Package"

When George thinks the photo store clerk is mixing in sexy photos of herself with his orders, Kramer convinces him to return the favor with a “sexy” photo or two of his own, and no half-assed selfies either – Kramer actually stages a photoshoot to get the money shot.

The Manzier

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The 'Bro' in "The Doorman"

Kramer, seemingly always in cahoots with Jerry or George’s fathers, invents a brassiere, or “man-ssiere” for older, saggy men with “real hooters.” Of course, the ever combustible Frank Costanza sabotages the “Bro” deal when bra salesman Sid Farkus makes a potentially suggestive comment about estranged wife Estelle.

The Lawyer

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The Caped Lawyer in "The Chinese Woman"

Out of all of Larry David’s several in-show cameos, his brief but instantly memorable appearance as Frank Costanza’s inexplicably caped divorce lawyer (by day, superhero by night?) is hands-down his best.

George's Glasses

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George's New Glasses in "The Glasses"

While trying to replace his stolen glasses, George’s blind shopping excursion lands him with a pair of hilariously huge old lady frames that look like they belong to one of the Golden Girls. (That’s to say nothing of the fact that he resorts to wearing his prescription goggles for the first half of the episode.)

Puffy Shirt

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The Puffy Shirt in "The Puffy Shirt"

Before Jack Sparrow made pirates cool again, Jerry Seinfeld tries his best to make swashbuckler swag a thing on national television when he unknowingly agrees to wear Kramer’s low-talking, designer girlfriend’s new shirt on The Today Show to promote her brand.

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