Mr. T Brings Weightlifting to Your Bathroom with High Design TP Rolls

Ever seen barbells like these?

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Toilet papers generally do not seem too heavy, but Mr. T brings all his strength to your bathroom in these high-design TP roll holder. Created by studio Sooda-E, the carefully designed piece is available in red and blue and features a model of a professional weightlifter holding up a barbell with toilet paper rolls attached on each side. The firm introduces the athletic figure as "the strongest man in your bathroom," and we are convinced. Although Sooda-E's Mr. T seems like a simple structure, the design process involved comical attention to detail, such as the careful shaping of his butt and the decision not to include nipples in the final product.

The Mr. T toilet paper roll holder is available to purchase for $31 on Monkey Business.

[via Designboom]

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