That Rat Carrying a Slice of Pizza Is Now a "Sexy" Halloween Costume

This online retailer actually tried to make the rodent carrying pizza sexy.

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Last month, the video of a rat carrying a piece of pizza took the internet by storm. The rodent's determination to carry the cheese slice down the New York City subway stairs inspired many. Now, you can pay tribute to the brave solider with a Halloween costume.  

The online retailer that is also responsible for the Sexy Donald Trump and "The Dress" costume is selling the ridiculous outfit. Most people would agree that a rat carrying a dirty slice of pizza is one of the least sexy things you could imagine, but that doesn't stop

The grey mini-dress comes with two slices sewn on the hips and a hood with ears. Of course it is important to point out that it is not 100 percent accurate, because Pizza Rat only had one slice and it did not have pepperonis. 

Anyway, what else will be turned into a ridiculous Halloween costume?

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