There's Now a Sexy Donald Trump Halloween Costume

The costume that may give you nightmares.

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It's not a secret that "sexy" Halloween costumes are one of the holiday's most bizarre traditions., purveyors of strange sexed-up Halloween costumes like the "Sexy Big Bird" and "Sexy Barney," have introduced a new sexy costume into the market—this time based around everyone's least favorite (or, if you love memes, the GOAT) Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

That's not even the best/worst part. The sexy costume is actually called "Donna T. Rumpshaker." 

The outfit, which goes for around $70 ($88 when you add in the wig and "Making America Great" trucker hat), comes complete with a "white sleeveless shirt with an attached collar, an attached red tie, a royal blue faux blazer and royal blue booty shorts."



But, you know, we don't actually want to see this costume on Halloween. 

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