Kobe Bryant's Final Game Merch Brings in a Record-Breaking $1 Million in One Night

Kobe's merch broke a world-record for sales.

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It looks like releasing that extensive collection of Kobe Bryant merch really paid off. ESPN is reporting that the Staples Center sold $1.2 million worth of merchandise just last night.

Considering there were items like a $15,000 Kobe portrait and a $10,000 gold medallion up for grabs, along with a crowd full of celebrities, it's not too hard to believe that it raked in six-figures during his final game. The insane profit was enough to set a world-record for the largest single-day sales for any arena in the world. The previous record was set by Led Zeppelin at the O2 Arena in London in 2007, when the band sold $1 million worth of goods.

"The 24 Collection started with a vision of gold and diamonds and how this translated with the fans of Los Angeles," Sean Ryan, AEG vice president of merchandise, told ESPN. "We wanted every person who purchased with us the opportunity to have a piece which was special for the moment. The support and buy in exceeded our expectations."

Even though the collection was full of gold and diamonds, customers were opting for some less expensive items. According to Ryan, the average fan spent $61 in merchandise and the average bill was $230. The hats, which cost $72 each, were a hot item with more than 60 percent selling out. As for those super expensive New Era hats, which were priced at $23,000 and $38,000, only three didn't sell (no word yet on if Jack Nicholoson bought one).

All of the pins, coins, and jerseys, which ranged in price from $424 to $12,000 had been sold out by the end of the night. One ticket holder alone purchased 20 of the $824 jerseys.

With the addition of online sales, AEG, Bryant, the Lakers, and Maingate sold over $2 million in merchandise on Thursday. When asked about about the demand for his merch, Bryant told ESPN, "It says that fans are really appreciative of this moment and wanted to maybe have something they can remember." Clearly, they did and Bryant was more than ready to give it to them. Just minutes after his final speech ended with the words "Mamba Out," T-shirts emblazoned with the phrase were on his website.

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