2 Chainz is back with for a special installment of GQ's Most Expensivest Shit. This time around, he sits down with New Era to talk about its ridiculously expensive hats that were released as part of Kobe Bryant's final game merch. Before checking out the caps, the rapper makes it clear that he is a big fan of the NBA legend, calling himself "the hugest Kobe fan in the world."

The two custom styles of hats include one made of purple Italian cashmere with five yellow diamonds and another made of black lambskin with a 28-karat gold "24" on the front. Before going on sale at Kobe's final game, the hats, which were made at New Era's headquarters in Buffalo, N.Y. will be escorted to the airport by a Brinks truck. Upon arrival, it will be given a first class ticket to Los Angeles. For those lucky enough to cop one at the Staples Center, the hat will be hand-delivered to your seat by a security guard and a "beautiful" model.

When the New Era rep drops the bomb that the cashmere hat is retailing at $24,000 and the lambskin for $38,000, even 2 Chainz, who has seen a lot of expensive shit, can't believe it. But, like he says, seeing Kobe retire is "like a comet, you only see it once in a lifetime."

You can check out the hilarious video above.