Here's What Went Down at the BBC Bee Line x Timberland Red 6-Inch Boot Release

Check out what people had to say about this collaboration and just how long they waited to cop the shoe.

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It was almost a year ago to the date that Pharrell teased a mysterious red Timberland 6-inch boot on his Instagram. He captioned the photo "1 of 1... well... for now. #beeline #timberland." Immediately, the hype began gaining momentum, and people were praying and hoping that the all-red boots would see the light of day.

When news came that these 300 pairs of these boots were being released as a BBC Bee Line x Timberland release, it was clear that there would be a line outside the BBC store on the drop date. More than 200 people showed up this past Sunday to try and get their hands on a pair, including plenty of overnight campers. 

Complex News headed down to the scene to speak with some of the people who had been waiting in line since the day before, and what their essentials are for lining up. We also asked them what it is with rappers and red shoes these days (see: Red Octobers) and why this particular collaboration was worth waiting hours for. Check out the video above to see what they had to say, and to get a detailed look at the boot.  

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