Here's Every Look From Nasir Mazhar's Spring/Summer 2016 Show

Mazhar smashed it again.

Image via Nasir Mazhar

Jammer arrived at the Nasir Mazhar show on his cy-board, leaving the limo drivers outside very confused by his speedy and wavy movements and everyone else envious AF. Inside was the usual hype crowd but now they’ve been joined by the old-school, high-powered types that run the British fashion industry and who for years tried their best to ignore Nasir Mazhar. I guess that’s progress of sorts.

After the great leap of last season; new logo, new graphics, new cuts, new materials, new techniques, and a decisive move into a more lux aesthetic, this season Mazhar was more conciliatory, and seemed more focused on honing his ideas into hits that would resonate with his target audience. Hence there was a lot of black and the shapes and cuts were toned down; padding was present but slimmer for example. Conveniently we were sat next to cy-board boss Jammer and his boys at the show—who upon learning that Logan Sama was doing the music, got up to have a better look, obviously hyped—so we were able to gauge​ exactly what Mazhar’s ideal customer thought of the collection. Black on black camouflage? Into it. Black shell tracksuit? Yup. The glitchy techno monochrome snakeskin? Definitely appreciative. That fabric most of all serving to remind that Mazhar is really good at coming up with hyper innovate new ways to do luxury. (Think the lenticular prints and metallic denims of a couple of seasons ago). Somebody give this guy Versace to design, right?! The best part of Jammer and his boys' review, though, was when Blakie summed it up. The verdict? "On fleek and SHUTDOWN!"

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